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Forage Sorghum

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A super-sweet forage sorghum and excellent crop for haying, green chop, bundling or baling. This is the one to start new calves on. BUNDLE KING produces good tonnage of highly nutritious, sweet and palatable forage.(Please call to inquire about pricing)

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Hegari is a full-season open pollenated, white-seeded sorghum that is great for grain or forage, and is also popular for game birds. Hegari produces very juicy, sweet stalks and leaves that are palatable, very drought tolerant, and can handle poorer soil quality or types.

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Full-Season, open-pollinated sweet forage sorghum for grazing or hay. Compared to Early Sumac, ROX ORANGE is sweeter. (Please call to inquire about pricing)

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Early Sumac is an open pollinated forage sorghum that will produce seed. It has a long maturity of about 100 days and can reach a height of 70-90 inches. The forage is sweet and juicy. (Please call to inquire about pricing)

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A full-Season forage sorghum with very high ration of grain-to-stalk. SILAGE MASTER has lots of broad leaves and can reach 9-10 feet with good fertility and adequate moisture. It is not a grazer- it is a high-quality sorghum silage with a potential for more than 29 tons per acre. Plant at normal sorghum seeding rates. (Please call to inquire about pricing)

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Introduced warm season annual bunchgrass. Grows 3 - 8’ tall with stems growing from extensively creeping rhizomes. The blades are flat, blue green and often splotched with purple caused by a bacterial disease. The panicles are large, open with branchlets mostly in whorls of four. Grows in fields and waste places. Under certain growing conditions it produces, prussic acid which is poisonous to livestock. Very similar to Johnsongrass.


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