Sioux-Dan® BMR is an exceptional hybrid sudangrass for most warm season forage needs. It is best used and positioned for hay, green chop and graz-ing. Other possible uses are haylage and graz-ing. Sioux-Dan® BMR is a very leafy, fine stemmed forage. Faster regrowth after cutting and grazing. It is versatile by tolerating high cutting frequen-cies and intensive grazing practices. High in pro-tein and total digestible nutrients are some other great qualities of our Sioux Dan® BMR.


Piper Sudangrass is known for its’ strong seedling vigor, rapid growth with early maturity, and lower prussic acid content. Piper is most commonly used for pasture, hay, greenchop, and cover crop. Piper has yielded from 10-40 tons of high quality feed per acre per season in growing trials through-out the southwestern areas of the United States.

Headless Wonder™ PPS

Headless Wonder™ PPS is a photoperiod-sensitive sorghum-sudangrass hybrid. This hybrid has a good regrowth capacity and is ideal for intensive grazing. This hybrid also has a great genetic potential for yielding more than 10 tnDM/ha of high-quality forage. With the photoperiod sensitive trait as a factor, this hybrid delays heading out.

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