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John Browning- President

This man keeps everyone on their toes. From hard work to funny jokes, and from his family to all his employees, Mr. Browning is the best. Always available to his customers. He can get it all done. He is a man of Faith and loves his family and wants the world to know!

Jace Browning – Vice President

(806) 292-6408
From the farm to the office, Jace is always busy. He might be in a tractor part of the day but rest assured, he will be in the office too. He makes sure Browning Seed Inc. stays the best in the business.

Bryce Thomas – Sales Manager

(806) 292-0045
If you have a question about any seed, Bryce is your man. His knowledge about the seeds that we produce is phenomenal. Always available day or night. He can get you the seed you need.

Belinda Vance – Logistics and Inventory Manager

(806) 292-0012
Belinda specializes in bulk orders and getting the best prices on freight. She’s the queen of organization and can get orders processed quickly and shipped out in no time at all.

Kaylyn Bailey – Administrative Assistant and Online Sales

(806) 685-1743
The Friendliest smile you see when you come into the office. Kaylyn is here to help any customer get what they need. She does a little of everything for Browning Seed Inc. From taking orders on seed to working on the website or even answering the phone. She will be able to get you what you need.

Valerie Montoya – International Sales

(806) 292-6384
Valerie handles customers internationally. She makes it possible for people world-wide to get the best quality and customer service Browning Seed Inc. has to offer.

John Harmon – Receiving Manager

(806) 292-1022
John makes hard work look easy. He doesn’t just make sure inventory is received and put up correctly, he helps fill orders for all customers and makes sure they are properly packaged and ready to be shipped out.

Arturo Nunez – Marketing Coord./Int. Sales

(806) 293-5271 ext.105
Meet Arturo Nunez, our versatile Media Marketing Coordinator. Always ready with a smile, Arturo handles everything media related, from creating engaging content to managing our online presence. But that’s not all Arturo also plays a key role in international sales and oversees our presence on the Walmart Marketplace.

Rodney Smith – Plant Breeder

Rodney is our company’s very own Horticulturist. He is our number one plant breeder, and is the best in the business. He was a former plant breeder for Mycogen, Cargil, and Sorghum Partners. Rodney is a registered Breeder with the Texas Department of Agriculture and has been with Browning Seed Inc. for more than a decade.


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