Maxi Pearl Millet

Maxi Pearl Millet is an annual, warm-season crop that is grown throughout the United States for grazing, hay, cover crop, and wildlife. Maxi Pearl Millet can grow 7-8 ft. tall with a woodier stem, long and pointed leaf blades, and seeds that are cylindrical. Maxi Pearl Millet is also the preferred choice for forage compared to similar warm season millets, and is the tallest of the millets.

German R Foxtail Millet

German R Foxtail Millet is considered to be one of the oldest cultivated millets, and is an intro-duced annual, warm-season crop that grows 2-5 ft. tall. The stems are leafy, course and more slender than those of pearl millet. German R Foxtail millet has shown to be very productive in the northern and western Great Plains, Midwest, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Texas.

Hybrid Pearl Maxi Pearl Millet

Pearl Millet is a tall, erect small grained grass that produces several stems from a central point. Pearl Millet originated in Africa where it has been grown for over 4000 years. Pearl Millet can grow to a height of six feet or more but optimal height for grazing is about two feet. Optimal hay production and quality can be realized if harvested between two to three feet tall or just prior to “boot” stage. Pearl Millet does not produce Prussic Acid and is, therefore, safer for horse hay or grazing.  However, Pearl Millet can contain high Nitrates so be sure to manage this condition and have the forage tested before grazing or baling. Hybrid Pearl Millet refers to Pearl Millet that has been crossbred between different varieties in order to improve grain or forage production. Hybrid Pearl Millet is relatively fast to establish and mature and thus can often provide valuable forage in relatively short order. It is relatively drought hardy and is adapted to a wide variety of soil types including sandy soils. Pearl Millet grain is highly sought after by many bird species especially ground feeding game birds and therefore can be an excellent component in wildlife food plots.


Hybrid Pearl Maxi Pearl Millet BMR

Millets are some of the oldest of cultivated crops harvested for food or feed. The crop is favored due to its productivity and short growing season under dry, high-temperature conditions. Brown Mid-Rib (BMR); higher digestibility, improved feed intake, more milk or meat. Dwarfing gene increases leaf to stem ratio and standability. Excellent drought tolerance. Ideal for grazing cows and calves or finished steers and heifers.

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