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Giant Bermuda grass is an exceptional choice for livestock feed due to its numerous benefits. The mature plant stands tall and erect, reaching up to forty inches in height, and remains highly productive for an extended period. It produces a fine-stemmed, leafy forage that is rich in nutrients, making it suitable for hay or green chop feed. This grass exhibits vigorous seedling growth and possesses a robust system of stolons and rhizomes, allowing for rapid regrowth and recovery after cutting or grazing. Compared to common Bermuda grass, Giant Bermuda grass demonstrates extremely early spring growth, enabling earlier utilization. Additionally, it offers prolonged growth into the fall, resulting in increased yearly weight gains for livestock grazing on pastures.

By implementing a proper management program involving water and fertilizer, your Giant Bermuda grass pasture can maintain high productivity for years, providing you with abundant yields of top-quality hay, forage, or green chop. Notably, this perennial grass thrives in warm climates and shows remarkable tolerance to alkali and heat, making it particularly well-suited for the southern United States, including the arid regions of Arizona, California, and northern Mexico.

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