Iron and Clay Peas


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Iron Clay Cowpeas are a warm-season legume used as an added ingredient to spring, summer, and fall food plots for wildlife. They are excellent for quail, dove, and deer. Iron Clay Cowpeas produce forage in 45 days, and mature seed in 100 days. Iron Clay produces the abundant amounts of organic matter and nitrogen needed to enrich the soil, resists common forms of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita), and grows well during desert summers with moderate irrigation. For more information on Iron Clay Cowpeas please feel free to contact us.

Deer are highly fond of Iron Clay Cowpeas, which is fortunate because the Iron Clay Cowpeas provide a high level of protein that will help promote antler growth. Due to their preference, deer have been known to strip a newly-seeded area if it is heavily overpopulated. Iron Clay Cowpeas yield an extremely high number of seeds, which helps them be fairly resilient when faced with a high amount of deer pressure. Iron Clay Cowpeas have become a favorite addition to deer forage food plot mixtures.

Aside from deer, Iron Clay Cowpeas also provide a food supply for turkey, rabbit, and quail. Turkey in particular will seek out Cowpea plots due to their preference for early seedlings. Once the plants have matured, they will attract insects that turkeys depend upon for their diet. In the late summer, the Iron Clay Cowpeas will produce seed in pods that make a superb food for turkey and quail.

Iron Clay Cowpeas are a highly-preferred annual season legume that is best used when planting a combination of plants for foraging wildlife food plots. Actually a bean and not a pea, Iron Clay Cowpeas produce a very nutritious crop of seeds that can be shelled and eaten fresh, processed in the green stage, or allowed to dry on a vine. Cowpeas are believed to have originated in Africa. Their introduction to the United States occurred during early colonial times and quickly became a staple crop in the southeast. Due to their ability to produce their own nitrogen in root modules, Iron Clay Cowpeas are a good choice for soil-building summer crops.

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