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Have you ever thought about the pH level of your soil? Soil pH or soil reaction is an indication of the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. pH is never constant in soil or water because it varies on factors of rainfall, biological growth within the soil, and temperature changes. With that in mind, we have created pH Soil Doctor™, a product that is a unique blend of humic products with calcium and sulfur, which provides nutrients, chelating agents, buffering properties, and microbial stimulation. We recommend using pH Soil Doctor™ as a part of a balanced fertility program. This product will help in lowering or raising the pH level in the soil. pH Soil Doctor™ will work year-round in any climate and can be applied at any time during the year! This product can be used anywhere that grass, trees, and plants will grow.

Benefits of pH Soil Doctor™:

  • Lower or raise soil pH levels
  • Increase Microbial Activity
  • Release Nutrients for Consumption
  • Improve Fertility in the Soil
  • Stimulate Root Growth
  • Increase Water Holding Capacity
  • Provide Calcium in Two Forms
  • Improve Soil Tilth
  • Reduce the Amount of Watering that is Needed
  • Promote Plant Processing of Essential Nutrients
  • Reduce the Need for Pesticides by Producing Healthier Plants

Application Rates:

  • Application rates vary on soil conditions, but we recommend:
    • 20 Lbs to 100 Lbs per 1000 sq. Ft.
    • 200 Lbs to 500 Lbs per acre depending on soils, crops, and placement

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