Prairie Masterpiece


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A beautiful blend of native grasses and magnificent wildflowers is certain to restore beauty to your land. With wildflowers ranging from Black-Eyed Susan to Purple Coneflowers, low growth grasses like Buffalo and Blue Grama, and medium height grasses such as Sideoats Grama and Little Bluestem, this mix is the ideal option for that great native pasture look. With a normal height of up to 18 inches, this mix only requires two mowings per year. Little to no fertilizer is required. Overfertilization and irrigation will result in overgrowth. Use this low-maintenance, premium mix for your next Prairie Masterpiece.

We recommend using pH Soil Doctor when planting Prarie Masterpiece. pH Soil Doctor promotes better water holding capacity in the soil, which allows for better germination and the release of natural nutrients held in the soil to promote growth without burning the seedlings.

Mix Components: Buffalo Grass, Blue Grama, Sideoats Grama, Little Bluestem, Texas Bluebonnet, Indian Blanket, Black-Eyed Susan, Mexican Hat, Lemon Mint, Plains Coreopsis, Purple Cone Flower.

Seeding Rates:

  • Rangeland: 15 Lbs to 25 Lbs per acre
  • Lawn and Garden: 0.75 Lbs to 1.5 Lbs per 1000 sq. ft.

Note: This product is sold by the pound but will come in a bag up to 50lbs. For example: If you order 25 Lbs, we will send 25 Lbs in one bag. If you order 100 Lbs, we will send you 2 – 50 Lb Bags.


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