Rodney Smith- Plant Breeder

Rodney is our company’s very own Horticulturist. He is our number one plant breeder, and is the best in the business.  He was a former plant breeder for Mycogen, Cargil, and Sorghum Partners. Rodney is a registered Breeder with the Texas Department of Agriculture and...

Oscar Zapata- Warehouse Assistant

Oscar has a knack for inventory placement and warehouse organizing and productivity. In roughly 50,000 square feet of a warehouse full of every kind of seed there is, He knows where everything is and where it belongs.

John Harmon- Receiving Manager

John makes hard work look easy. He doesn’t just make sure inventory is received and put up correctly, he helps fill orders for all customers and makes sure they are properly packaged and ready to be shipped out.  (806)292-1022...

Blaise White- 194 Plant Manager

Blaise grew up on a farm here in the panhandle and was big into the FFA. He knows equipment and the farm and seed industry like the back of his hand. He makes sure our 194 Plant is operating like it should. (806)292-8626

Valerie Montoya- International Sales

Valerie handles customers internationally. She makes it possible for people world-wide to get the best quality and customer service Browning Seed Inc. has to offer. (806)292-6384