Cheyenne II


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Cheyenne II Forage Bermudagrass Seed is a high yielding, cold-tolerant variety that can be used for both grazing and hay production. It is easy to establish and maintain, and it provides excellent forage quality for livestock. To achieve optimal yields, it is important to apply up to 150 lbs. of nitrogen per year in split applications through the summer. The last fertilizer application should be done 4 to 6 weeks before a killing frost to increase cold tolerance. Grazing should be delayed until the forage is 8″ to 10″ tall, and hay should not be clipped shorter than 2″. During periods of drought stress, it is important to rotate animals more often to prevent overgrazing. With proper management, Cheyenne II Forage Bermudagrass Seed can provide years of high-quality forage for your livestock.

If you are looking for a high-quality, cold-tolerant forage grass for your livestock, then Cheyenne II Forage Bermudagrass Seed is a great option.

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