“The Original 3-Way Cross!” A very leafy triple cross, red-seeded sorghum-sudangrass hybrid. High in protein and very palatable, CADAN 99B WMR outperformed the average non-photosensitive BMR varieties, producing over 1,100 pounds net available digestible energy (IVTD) per acre, significantly lower lodging percentage (5% vs. 23.8%) and only 0.6% higher lignin content. Cattle really go for its juicy, sweet stems and broad dark green leaves. It is exceptionally drought tolerant; thrives under irrigation and is broadly adaptable to most soil and climate conditions. CADAN 99B WMR is bred with a dry-stalk gene for faster dry-down, bred for high protein, sweet flavor, high tonnage, high sugar content and good stand-ability. ”The Other Low Lignin Forage®” “Sweet as Candy ®”

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5 Pound Bag, 50 Pound Bag, 2000 Pound Tote


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