Hybrid Grain Sorghum


Lightning is an excellent yielding early sorghum that is very good for double crop after wheat, late planting, and replant. Lightning is very drought tolerant and has good standability that leads to a more consistent performance. Lightning gets its name from its excellent emergence that makes it a great option for shorter growing seasons. Lightning does extremely well as a dryland or irrigated crop.


Browning 007 is a high yielding hybrid grain sorghum that produces good, stable results in more stressful situations. Browning 007 produces a cream colored grain through a semi-open head. Browning 007 makes for easy harvesting due to its’ excellent threshability and good field uniformity.


Challenger SCA is a medium maturity grain hybrid with high White Sugarcane Aphid (SCA) tolerance with excellent appearance and drought tolerance making it an excellent fit for dry land fields in Great Plains with excellent yield potential.


Challenger BMX II is an excellent choice for late season stability and has adapted well for dryland areas in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Challeng-er BMX II is known for its’ great standability and more stable bloom date. Challenger BMX II also has an excellent disease and insect package to give you peace of mind.

777 W

Our 777 W hybrid is a medium-early hybrid with cream grain on a tan plant (food grade) that is very well adapted to the GreatPlains because of its drought tolerance.

775 W

775 W has excellent seedling vigor, plant uniformity, and root lodging that makes it a great choice for dryland areas such as Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. 775 W produces a semi-compact head with cream-colored seed. 775 W has medium to early maturity with some green-bug resistance.


Challenger XX is bred for its’ high yield potential, tolerance for drought, and for its’ excellent general leaf disease package. Challenger also has excellent seed emergence that is resistant to several Pathotype of Downy Mildew. Challenger XX has a higher than average starch content which makes it outstanding for ethanol production.

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